4 Easy Ways to Beat Your Bad Food Cravings


Now, no food is necessarily bad, as long as you eat it in moderation. However, it’s often the moderation part that trips people up. So if you’re struggling with a food that goes beyond moderate helpings, here are some tips to help you out!

  1. Starve it

The best way that works for me is to go cold turkey on whatever is giving me the most trouble. In particular, chocolate always causes me to binge eat, I could never get enough of it. So I just gave it up completely. Not only does this help it to get out of your system, even though it may take a while, but it also helps to teach yourself self-control. It is okay to tell yourself “no” when you want something.

  1. Eat Regularly

For me, my weakest moments are when I’ve forgotten to eat and feel famished. I have to grab something, ANYTHING! In comes the junk food or overly processed food that I definitely don’t need. But by cooking ahead and planning out my meals instead of leaving it to random chance, I’m less at risk of giving in.

  1. Eat things you like

Don’t take away everything that you like to eat at once or you’ll be more likely to revert back to old ways. Remember, the best change for your health is to change your lifestyle and not just make it a quick diet. Everything is okay to eat, in moderation. As long as you have control over it, go for it! If a healthy recipe doesn’t taste right to you, alter it! Play around with seasonings and experiment until you like it.

  1. Make Replacements

I love potato chips, I probably always will. But what I really love is the texture of them, that satisfying crunch! You know what else gives me that crunch? Granola, and it’s a lot healthier for me too. I also eat less granola when I snack on it and I’m happier. If you have a sweet tooth, get more fruit. And go beyond the basic fruits, try out something different. For me, pomegranates are a huge treat.


Most importantly, if your cravings still continue it may be that your body does have a need for something. So make sure that you are eating well-rounded meals and that you’re getting enough vitamins every day.


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