Health and Fitness: 6 Tips to Get Started


Everywhere I look I see extreme diets or new exercise programs popping up. Being healthy and exercising has become so mainstream and money centered that people often ask me how I lost so much weight. They’re always shocked when I say, eating right and exercising. There’s no miracle diet and no reason to pour out your money on the next big thing, in fact, to get started all you really need is you.

  1. Start with what you have
Walking The track
I also walked around the track, sometimes backward

I started out with what I had, which happened to be a dancing game. From there I moved on to old workout DVDs for free, from the library. I don’t recommend spending hundreds of dollars on DVD’s or equipment when you’re just getting started. Try out some and see what you like! You can also get free memberships from most gyms to try them out. If you’re in college, check your college gym. If your job has a gym, see if there’s a special membership.

  1. Start out slowly

It’s okay to still eat some things that aren’t the best, as long as you’re planning on eating them in moderation and for some things, eliminating them entirely. In time. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you should start somewhere. The first thing I cut out was pop because I was drinking a LOT of my calories. I still have it occasionally but nowhere near as much as I used to. Now I turn to water for my main drink.

My last big sugar high
Last big sugar high

I’m not sure why, but everywhere I go or everywhere I look I see sweets. Once I began to take account of just how many sweets I was eating (especially during all the birthdays!) I cut back on and eventually eliminated them all. You don’t have to get rid of sweets entirely like I did, but for the moment I had to.

On the bright side, it’s helped me learn how to say no to people. A lot.

  1. Do what you enjoy

Make sure you find an exercise that you can do, but also something that you enjoy. You never want to be doing something that causes you pain, always check with your doctor before starting anything. And take it easy the first few days. Sports, dancing, and taking walks through the park are also great ways to make sure that you move around, that’s the most important thing. Get creative! And find an accountability partner.

  1. Don’t fear the scale

A lot of people view the scale as the enemy, I know because I used to be one of those people. My boyfriend encouraged me to start using it and weighing in weekly has really helped me, even when my weight fluctuates, I can think back over the week and see what unhealthy habits I can improve on for the next week. On the weeks when I’ve lost a few pounds, I feel really accomplished! Also, having a weigh-in day helps make me accountable for my own choices throughout the week.

  1. Start today

It’s easy to set plans and say what we could do and what we will do, but the best thing to do is just drop everything and start living a healthier life right now today. It doesn’t mean you have to buy all organic produce and completely get rid of everything you have. But it does mean to be more mindful of what you’re eating and the portions for what you’re eating. Ease in more fruits and vegetables and water, try out new recipes! It can be a lot of fun if you’re planning on making it a lifestyle change and not just another quick diet.


3 thoughts on “Health and Fitness: 6 Tips to Get Started

  1. nice, sensible post! 🙂 we all want easy and painless……. people also ask me “what Diet were you on?!” they’re not as excited when I tell them it was a painful, medical condition that caused it! lol nice to see you’ve got a healthy long term lifestyle approach vs the quick diets that seem so popular! thanks for sharing

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