Healing Emotional Wounds


Emotional wounds are often more difficult to recover from than physical wounds or pain. The things that happen to us in our past can continue to stay with us and hurts will often linger until we deal with them. We have to acknowledge our pain clearly and forgive those who have wronged us in order to move on in our lives and find peace.

Some emotional pain can remain hidden and many times I have not realized when things have been there at all. For me, I have always been more comfortable bottling things up and pushing it down, I was never very good at talking about my emotions or being able to express myself when people or situations hurt me deeply. In time, I became so good at it that I didn’t even notice how deeply some things ran myself.

Recently, as I’ve been reading a wide variety of books about prayer, changing your life, or healing from the past, I’ve been digging up many things that I didn’t even know still bothered me. The first step to healing from old wounds is to actually take out some quiet time for yourself and discover what bothers you underneath the surface. A lot of times, we can be on the edge and emotional from past hurts from relationships, bullying, harmful situations or abuse. It doesn’t have to be deep in the past either, it could be something that happened recently.

The key to overcoming them is acknowledging what happened and talk about it with someone that you trust. Release the things that have hurt you, write it out if you need to, or release it through art. But most importantly you have to pull it from inside and take away the power that things hold over us when we keep silent.

If it’s various people in your past who have hurt you, then set about on the journey of forgiveness and do your best to let it go. Holding on to anger in our hearts will only damage us and not the other person, it’s really useless to hold on to. Focus instead on the person that you are today and how far you have come. Healing and forgiveness won’t happen overnight, it takes time and patience to slowly work through whatever has been bothering you. Eventually, you can find release and healing.


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